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Christmas at the shelter, 2019

The mission statement of Fortitude is to build relationships with struggling individuals in Kankakee County by meeting them where they are, providing for physical, social, and spiritual needs, and connecting to community resources.

The key phrase in that statement is to “build relationships”.  This is at the heart of everything we do at Fortitude, and it is a critical part of your role as a volunteer.  Your role is so much more than supervising, serving food, or cleaning up.  Your role is to share shelter space alongside individuals staying overnight at the site: talking, sharing a meal, playing a game, encouraging, praying, etc.  We want our volunteers to invest in people’s lives, making a difference not only because you helped provide a bed or served a meal, but because you offered care, friendship, a smile, respect, and hope.

If you have a heart to care in a relational, humble way with our must vulnerable population, we are grateful to have you join our Fortitude Family!