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The Man with the Swastika Tattoo

I entered this story after it had already begun.  It began with God prompting our volunteer Karalee to reach WAY out of her comfort zone.  A few days ago she was working the counter of her job in a food establishment downtown Kankakee when a man approached asking for water... a man with a swastika tattoo predominantly and permanently displayed right between his eyes.  You can't look at this man without seeing his tattoo.  As is the case with many such charged symbols, Karalee's immediate reaction was a human one: fear, anger, frustration.  She found herself hoping she did not have to serve him.But God had different plans.  In serving him, she met him.  Not his swastika, but him.  She learned his name, that he was a meek, soft spoken,…
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“What are the Churches Doing?”

  You might be surprised (but maybe not) that quite often when I talk to people about the homeless, or catch a social media conversation regarding the homeless, I VERY OFTEN hear this: "Well what are the churches doing?" or "Where are the churches?...Why aren't they doing more?"Oh my.On one hand, I get it, on the hand I'm frustrated by it.  So here are my thoughts about it, would love your feedback.1. Churches are only one type of organization that can serve the homeless.Churches are full of people who (generally speaking) believe serving the poor is part of living a Christian life, so yes, it goes without saying that a church would help facilitate that.  BUT churches facilitate service to the poor in many different ways and cannot be expected…
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We don’t really have a homeless problem, do we?

Great question.  One of many I hear often about my work with the homeless.  Other questions I hear often?Aren't all those people begging for money drug addicts?Couldn't they just get a job?Why should I give my money to people too lazy to do for themselves?I don't see the homeless here like I do in Chicago, are there really that many?The truth is, just like us, each individual experiencing homelessness is unique, with a unique situation that rendered them homeless.  Over the last year and a half that I have focused on developing relationships with the homeless, I have had the privilege of hearing lots of these stories. (names changed)Gary was working at a local business when he became sick and they let him go.  He couldn't find another job before he…
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